I have worked with clients based all over, from the USA to Australia. I only work on one project at a time, and provide all of my clients with my services until they are completely satisfied.

You can find me on Freelancer to see what some of my clients have had to say.

Below is information on a selection of projects that I have worked on.

Abbotskerswell Cricket Club

I designed and built a website for Abbotskerswell CC, a local cricket club. The site is built with WordPress to allow the client to publish club updates and easily make small changes to the site.

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Roving Reader Leaders

I designed and built a website for Oregon-based organisation Roving Reader Leaders. The site was built using WordPress to allow the client to easily publish a blog. I also designed stickers, badges and banners for the organisation. For this work, I received a 5 star review on Freelancer.

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Real Energy Writers

I created and designed the website for USA-based Real Energy Writers. The site was created using WordPress, as requested by the client as it allowed them to publish a blog. This website was completed in less than a week and in that time, I created all of the banners and designed and built the site. The clients were very pleased with this work, calling it ‘Fantastic’.

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I have created an app for the iPhone called baskit. The app was created to allow people to share their shopping lists easily via email. The app then enables recipients to download that list and save it, so that they can pick up the items when they next visit the shop.

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